Expand your Website’s Reach to a Growing Number of Mobile Users by Going Mobile Responsive!

Web Design

It’s not enough to have a website today; you must have a professionally designed website if you want to be taken seriously.  Now a days, so many consumers search for information online prior to making a purchase.  Your website will be the first chance you have at making a good impression on a potential buyer.

Websites should work as smoothly as they look, and it is always a matter of balancing between the two factors. More importantly, websites of businesses should be accessible to as many users as possible to be effective at marketing. Sites that fail to load or are incompatible on a device will only turn away leads and potential customers, costing the business money.

To ensure that your website can be reached by all your customers, you can rely on the web design services of Enhance Traffic Marketing© by Akangsha Marketing LLC.  Your website speaks volumes about your business.  You only have moments to capture your customers’ attention with your first webpage, so let us ensure that you make a very good first impression. We will handle every aspect of the design of your website, right down to its compatibility with mobile devices.

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We Provide Mobile Responsive Web Design Services

Enhance Traffic Marketing is capable of creating websites using various builds, but we highly recommend our clients to go with a responsive web design for maximum marketing effect.  A responsive web design is one that allows the site to load properly on whatever device your visitors are using—even smartphones and tablets. Having a responsive website saves the developer from having to create a separate website for mobile users.

If you’ve dragging your feet when it comes to making your website more mobile-friendly, Google has served procrastinators a concrete deadline:  Beginning April 21st, Google will incorporate a site’s mobile-friendliness into its ranking algorithm.  Web pages still giving mobile the cold shoulder will be ranked lower by Google.  The end result, Enhance Traffic Marketing will make it easier for your users “to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Why Go Responsive?

If you think a mobile website of business dollars, think again.  The whole world is “going Mobile”.  Thanks to tablets and smartphones, people can now easily access the Internet from anywhere, provided that there is a stable wireless connection. With more individuals having access to the Web, and through mobile devices no less, it is pretty common to find folks shopping using their smartphones or tablets. Naturally, your business should cater to this growing trend, and you will need a responsive web design to do it. Without it, your website will not appear correctly and/or not work with mobile users, and could turn them away.

We Design Your Website Using WordPress

So how can your business take advantage of these mobile usage trends?  One solution is to allow Enhance Traffic Marketing build a mobile-ready version of your website.  For a responsive website that you can easily customize to suit your needs, we use WordPress as the design platform. Of the various content management systems available, WordPress is one of the most customizable, allowing webmasters to add as much functionality as they prefer thanks to its open source nature. WordPress also allows you to easily and quickly update the contents of your website without having to tinker with its coding.

How We Do It All

We offer four different possible web designs, with all designs using WordPress as the CMS. They are:

  • WordPress limited theme-based fixed web design (mobile responsive, starter package)
  • WordPress flexible but limited theme-based custom web design (mobile responsive, Premium Themed)
  • WordPress mobile-responsive, flexible theme-based web design (custom themed, upto 10 pages)
  • WordPress mobile-responsive, fully custom web design (>10 pages but

Whichever design you choose, we employ our skills as expert web designers to construct you a suitable and viable website. We start by installing WordPress on the web server and configuring it for your use. Afterwards, we then come up with a mockup of the site’s graphic design, which we pass through you for approval before launching. Once the basic structure of the website has been laid out, we also perform additional services, such as setting up a web contact form, tying an email account to the site, backing up the site, migrating web assets, and others, according to your needs.

For those clients to make their website update before their competitors do, get in touch with Enhance Traffic Marketing’s team by calling 1-888-913-8881 or by visiting the Contact Us page and submitting the completed form.