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Social media is more than just a place to share what is happening in your life with far away family members and friends. Although social media was initially used for such, its functions have evolved over the years. Today, social media has also become a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have time or the resources to fully take advantage of what social media optimization brings to the table. Optimizing your business via social media entails hard work, constant research, and smart strategizing.  You need an experienced mentor like Enhance traffic marketing to guide you so that you don’t end up wasting a whole lot of your time and energy.  We offer a starter package for social media optimization. Give the friendly and experienced team of Enhance Traffic Marketing a call. Our social media optimization service may be exactly what you need to push you ahead of your competitors.

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SMO 101

Social media optimization or SMO is an online marketing campaign that helps you take advantage of social media networks. Through your social media accounts, you can generate publicity for your business. Timely posts and shares, for example, can increase the amount of time potential customers are exposed to your brand.

We can help you conduct research on your target market to identify which social media websites will provide you the best ROI rate. Afterwards, we help you build and oversee the day-to-day management of your social media profiles.

Networks We Focus On

Naturally, the more people become aware of your on-line presence, the greater the chance that word will spread about your products and services, especially if you actively communicate on social channels.  Of course, with this kind of visibility, you also enhance your search engine optimization. We have tailored our social media optimization services to work best on the following social media networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn

Although we highly encourage the use of these four networks, our team of social media marketers have the essential experience to adapt to other popular social media networks. Choosing which platforms to focus on all depends on the results of our market research. If we believe that you would gain the most returns if you have a YouTube profile, then we’ll help you establish one.

Importance of SMO

Because social media will continue to play an increasingly larger role in everyday life, so will the importance of social media optimization for business looking to establish a powerful online presence.  With an established presence on social media, you can increase your customer integration.  Some of the core business advantages SMO can provide include:

  • Better Customer Acquisition – Social media allows businesses to get in touch with a wider range of customers than more traditional means. Naturally, this helps them draw in more customers on a consistent basis. In fact, businesses that have engaged in social media optimization claim that marketing on Facebook helped them acquire 52% more customers. As for Twitter and LinkedIn, client acquisition rates were at 44% and 62% respectively.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty – In the past, you were only really able to interact with customers when they were physically present in your store. Today, social media allows you to reach them at virtually anywhere at any given time. In turn, this frequent interaction can easily improve customer loyalty.
  • Make a Good Impression – Of course, communication goes both ways. Many consumers use social media to make customer service-related inquiries, from questions regarding store hours to complaints. In fact, 51% of consumers claim that they see a business in more favorable light if they are provided with fantastic customer services through social media.
  • More Efficient SEO – We make sure that your entire social media profiles link back to your website, effectively helping redirect the amount of traffic your profiles generate. As you may already know, boosting website traffic is one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking. Additionally, every time you share a link to a blog entry, you are actually creating the backlinks that SEO needs to be effective.

Reviewing these items; you’ll appreciate why social media optimization is a good opportunity for you to improve your customer service and play a major role in propelling your online business presence to the top.

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