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Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t have Search Engine Optimization, your website might as well be invisible to the world. Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become such a vital component of digital marketing that it is a must for every business aspiring to be an online success. SEO gives you the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience by ranking high on major search engines.

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At Enhance Traffic Marketing, we understand the need of businesses to connect with their online customer base. You need to be found by your customers amongst all your competitors.  Our SEO services for businesses in Baltimore, MD and other areas can drive your business website up the ranks in organic and unpaid search results. We make sure that when potential customers do a relevant search query on major engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, your website will have an advantageous place on the first page. People will find you if they can find you on Google.

With SEO, we can improve your rank on search results! Call us so we can start leading your prospects to your products or services.

Dominate Google, Dominate the Internet

Our SEO methods adhere to Google’s recommendations simply because it is the search engine of choice around the world. Google has an astonishing 1.17 billion unique searchers and has a market share of 67.5%, easily edging out other popular search engines. If you dominate Google’s search rankings, your target market can spot you immediately, leading to increased website traffic, conversions, and sales!  Studies also found that the level of SEO being conducted by businesses is directly proportional with the conversion rates they get. A business doing trial or basic SEO gets only 2% conversion rate but that rises when the business moves up to more advanced and long term SEO with 10% average conversion rate.

White Hat SEO

We don’t have to resort to dubious tactics (or “Black Hat” SEO) that some freelancers and agencies employ. Our experienced SEO specialists have mastered the techniques involved in “White Hat” optimization, which is favored by Google and other authoritative search engines. We always abide by Google’s latest Panda and Penguin algorithm changes and stay away from dishonest methods like cloaking, keyword stuffing, and spamming.   You have peace of mind that your website will not be  difficult to find online.

Premier SEO Services at Enhance Traffic Marketing

As a leading online marketing company, we believe in delivering the best value and results to our clients. Our SEO services can be fully tailored to the objectives and the requirements of your business in Baltimore, MD and beyond. After a detailed consultation with you, our specialists will conduct an extensive research on the best keywords or search queries frequently used by your target market in Google. Through a careful application of innovative techniques in architecture, design, coding, content, linking, and promotion of your website, we can help you establish a strong online presence.

We are not just an SEO company—Enhance Traffic Marketing by Akangsha Marketing LLC can be your partner in success! Call us today at 1-888-913-8881 or visit our Contact Us page to learn more about the comprehensive range of digital internet marketing services we offer.