There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Online Reputation Management will ensure that positive reviews about you will dominate the online world!

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Never underestimate the cost of a poor reputation.  Whatever search results you notice when you run your business’ name on Google is exactly what potential customers are seeing. Are you proud of what they are going to find, or are you sweating bullets? If your reaction is the latter, you may want to look into the online reputation management services offered by Enhance Traffic Marketing© by Akangsha Marketing LLC.

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What is ORM?

Between monitoring social media mentions, ad campaigns, blog comments and posting across the Web at large, you can easily find yourself thoroughly tied up trying to keep tabs on your brand online.  In a nutshell, online reputation management is a process that helps you create a great first impression among potential customers trying to look for you online. First of all, our team of online reputation management experts will create accounts for you on popular review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Local. Afterwards, all the positive reviews you’ve accumulated over the years are deposited on these profiles for everyone to see.


Online reputation management clearly has a big impact on a company’s revenue.  If people are saying negative things about the products or services you offer, chances are that they won’t even bother checking out your business for themselves, resulting in lost profits. This is further compounded by the fact that 88% of consumers use online reviews to judge the quality of a local business. The same people claim that the reason they do this is because they trust online reviews as if they were a personal recommendation made by a family member, friend, or loved one. In relation, 72% of consumers are more likely to trust a local business if they regularly see that the said business receives fantastic reviews.

Whenever a potential customer looks you up on Google, ensure that you make a great impression. Call us today to see how we can help you maintain and promote your squeaky clean business image.

We Can Help…How?

At Enhance Traffic Marketing, we want to help your business build great relationships with both potential and existing customers. The first step is to do everything you can to prevent a problem from becoming a reputational crisis.  To manage a crisis, you need to make sure the solutions to the crisis are good for the whole company and solve more problems than they create.  As Social media happens in real time, customers expect fast responses to maintain a good reputation during a crisis.  That’s why Enhance Traffic Marketing provides a full range of online reputation management services to all our clients:

  • Review Building – Our team will gather all your positive reviews and publish them on the most popular online review sites. In turn, this helps push down whatever negative online publicity your business has unfairly received.
  • Social Media Profile Creation Optimization, and Boosting – Although online review sites get most of the attention, don’t ignore what people are saying to you over social media. After all, one of the first places people complain about poor service is on Facebook or Twitter. We help you create social media profiles to help you address issues and concerns before the situation takes a turn for the worse.
  • Content Generation – Google loves seeing fresh and original content. In fact, websites that have updated content often rank better than websites that have kept the same content since the early 2000s. By regularly generating content for you, we can help push down negative reviews you’ve received.
  • Research and Analysis – Unfortunately, negative reviews can be found on a variety of platforms outside of online review sites. Our team works tirelessly to hunt down these stray reviews so you have a chance to address the situation yourself.
  • And much more!
Put your best foot forward and impress potential customers’ right from the start. For any questions you may have about our ORM services or to speak to a member of our team, please call 1-888-913-8881. You may also send us a message through our Contact Us page.