About Us

Enhance Traffic Marketing by Akangsha Marketing LLC is an online marketing company that provides a comprehensive selection of services to suit the needs of its clients. Based in New Jersey, we serve businesses in the Baltimore Metropolitan region and other areas as a web design, website audit, social media marketing, ORM and SEO company. Our solutions are tailored to suit your needs, and we are committed to produce a solid online presence so that your company can reach your target market and audience.

Our History

Akangsha Marketing LLC was formed back in 2008, and it originally assisted in the creation of blogs about healthy food and lifestyles. The company also promoted kitchen tools during this time, and was primarily concerned with helping smaller businesses make a splash online. Today, through the Enhance Traffic Marketing label, the company’s passion for online marketing has evolved.  We now provide a wider range of services to ensure that our clients both big and small receive the online visibility and engagement they rightfully deserve.  We achieve this by conducting in-depth business/website analysis and target research.

Our Approach to Work

If there is one thing that we could attribute our success, it is our methodical approach to work. Thanks to our system, we are able to plan and create the most appropriate marketing solutions for our clients the way Google wants it done.    Our 6 steps approach for our client success is as follows:

  • Assessment – No work can be done without first assessing our clients’ specific marketing needs. We identify problem areas in their current marketing situation that may require some adjustment.
  • Planning – With the problems identified, we can start planning ways to address them. Armed with our experience and skill in web marketing, we craft solutions designed specifically to answer your requirements.  People on our team get the work done efficiently, And yes, we handle both small to large assignments.
  • Implementation – Our planning will serve as blueprints for all our services. Whenever we set out to implement a plan with an intended result, we make sure that we do so professionally and efficiently. Of course, we can only launch our solutions after they have been reviewed & validated by our clients.  We adhere to the best in class of online marketing.
  • Reporting – After implementing our plans, we then report our progress to our clients, and how the solutions are faring. As professionals, we are confident in the results that our solutions can bring, and we are glad to relay these findings to our clients.
  • Measuring – We actively measure and record the results from the solutions that gets implemented.  The data gathered during this step proves invaluable for the next solution.  We provide recorded results to our clients on a regular basis.
  • Improvement – If we find that our solutions can be made better, we will not hesitate to improve upon them. We understand that our clients only want the best possible marketing solutions, so if we find an opportunity for enhancement, we will take it.  We plan and propose the best solution to your online marketing challenges.

Transparency with Our Business

Businesses in Baltimore and the rest of our service areas should know that we are not just like any other SEO company. Enhance Traffic Marketing is proud to endow their professional and methodological approach to online marketing, and our clients can rest assured as we adhere to the best practices of online marketing for guaranteed results. Our clients will receive a dedicated access to a dashboard portal so that they can actively monitor the progress of their marketing campaigns with us.

So, when you are ready to know more and want to receive a no obligation (a very high level) website evaluation & status of your business’ online presence, Get in touch with the team by calling 1-888-913-8881 or by visiting our Contact Us page and submitting your information for the next step. Don’t wait to get the facts about your business.